The 2015 Academy (A Parent’s Perspective)

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I have a unique job of not only being a parent of a filmmaker, but I get to be the “parent” to all the students during the week of our film academy, too. My job with the MWCFA is multi-faceted. I help find the locations where the academy is to be held as well as help with advertising, registrations, and on-site responsibilities such as food preparation, first aid, volunteers,  accommodations, and extras.



I love my job! It’s been very rewarding to see the students come from all over the US as well as Canada in the past 2 years. It’s really neat to find out how God has lead some of our students to find out about us and how He worked in their lives to bring them to our academy.
I was able to see that when the students came in they were not quite sure what to expect, not sure who we are, not sure if they will like it and a bit skeptical. At the end of the week they leave as lifelong friends, grateful for the teaching they’ve received and a bit more sure of the direction God is leading them in the film world.

This year we had a full house: 12 students, 5 staff members, 1 parent, 1 kitchen helper each day and even extras staying at the lodge with us such as the “bride and groom” and their little baby. We were able to find a facility outside of Detroit Lakes that worked very well for us. Everyone was able to sleep, eat and have classes all in the same facility. We even got to do a promo video for the facility – so we didn’t have to go off-site for anything! We are so grateful to the owners, Erlene and Jack Davis for allowing our academy to use the lodge and we hope to do it again there in 2016.

I feel it’s such a privilege in playing a small role in the lives of these   students and helping them find out what their talents are in the future of filmmaking. I am grateful for the role God has allowed me to play with the MWCFA and hope for many more years ahead working with the students and staff!

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Lori Kenney resides with her husband and 4 of her 5 children in west central, MN. She is first and foremost a wife, mother and home educator. As she finds time, she uses the gifts God has given her to plan and organize events. She was the Convention Coordinator for 8 years for the North Dakota Home School Association. During her spare time she likes to read, walk and meet with friends.

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