“Memories” – The 2015 Official Production

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After over 7 months of work, we’re super excited to release the 2015 Official Production “Memories”!

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We are so thankful for the many, many people who worked to make this film a reality. We couldn’t have done it without you!

A full behind the scenes post will be forthcoming.


Written & Directed by:
Andrew Bartlett

Director of Photography:
John-Clay Burnett

1st AD:
Hannah Kenney

Art Director:
Carol Green-Kiemle

Logistics Coordinator:
Lori Kenney

Production Assistants:
Andrew Bornemann
Jacob Claussen
Courtney Gilbert
Solomon Heppner
Luke Johnson
Gwendelynn Martindale
Logan Millar
Christopher Pack
Zoe Ross
Joe Turman
Micah Versemann
Jacob Waldorf

Edited By:
John-Clay Burnett
Andrew Bartlett

Editing Consultant:
John-Clay Burnett

Visual Effects:
Andrew Bartlett

Host and Hostess:
Jack and Erlene Davis

Location Assistant:
Carl Pack

Craft Services:
Lori Kenney
Jaci Ueland
Yenta Ueland
Cindy Pritchard
Carrie Gorman
Deb Borck

Props Assistants:
Kim Bedore
Courtney Gilbert

Hair and Makeup Assistants:
Callie Sip (Makeup by Callie)
Courtney Gilbert

Maria Ueland

Bridesmaid Dresses
Clara Ueland (ClaraEve Clothier)

Wedding Rentals
Celeste Leier (Sharper Image Wedding Rentals)

Traffic Control:
Joshua Mork

BTS Assistants:
Jacob Claussen
Kwende Kiemle
Gwendelynn Martindale
Zoe Ross

Jordan Blazek


Young Emily
CeCe Bedore

Robyn Carlson

Bride and Groom
Ben Mitton
Emily Mitton

Parents of the Bride
Shawn and Robyn Carlson

Parents of the Groom
Kevin and Paula McGrew

Ronald Evans

Emily Blazek
Clara Ueland
Maria Ueland

Kwende Kiemle
Joshua Mork
Solomon Heppner

Flower Girl and Ring Bearer
Lena Blazek
Marcus Kiemle

Reception and Wedding Setup Extras
Solomon Heppner
Logan Millar
Christopher Pack
Jacob Waldorf

Golf Cart Driver
Carl Pack

Wedding Extras
Erlene Davis
Nate Davis
Melissa Dresch
Kaitlin Funk
Lisa Glander
Madalynn Glander
Kyle Gorman
Carrie Gorman
Nancy Johnson
Mark Johnson
Lydia Kenney
Ethan Kenney
Scott Kiemle
Rebekah Mork
Angelana Quanbeck
Sara Smith
Anna Turman
Madison Wiese


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Andrew Bartlett is one of the co-founders of Bartlett Productions, a small media company based out of northern North Dakota. He has a passion for serving Christ through the visual arts and has had the opportunity to work on a number of films as well as produce marketing materials for businesses and organizations. Andrew is also the Director of the Midwest Christian Filmmakers Academy, where aspiring filmmakers can learn the craft in a hands-on way.