How Instagram Has Made Me a Better Filmmaker

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Ok, so I know it might sound silly, but yes – Instagram has helped me become a better filmmaker. Like many people, I had no idea what Instagram was or what it was used for. I started seeing a lot of people posting images to facebook from Instagram, so I decided to give it a shot. To start with I mainly just used it for editing my photos for facebook, but ever since then it has continued grow on me.

I recently passed the 400 photos threshold, so I thought it was a great time to write a post about it.


The first photo I posted to Instagram (L) and a recent photo (R)
The first photo I posted to Instagram (L) and a recent photo (R)

There’s three ways Instagram has (and continues) to help me become a better filmmaker:

  1. Instagram has given me the motivation to be intentional about taking pictures. And not just taking any pictures, but trying to continue to grow and take better pictures! I’ve been able to experiment and learn a lot more about composition and framing. I’ve learned how important it is to have a focus of the frame – like a person or an object that you want the viewer to look at. It sounds really basic, but it’s totally true. You can just take a random picture of a great sunset, but it makes it 10x better if you add a person looking off into the sunset, for example.


  2. Because it has helped me be intentional, it has also raised my awareness of my surroundings and ability to see what would make a great shot with what’s around me. I can be walking along, and all the sudden catch a glimpse of what would make a great picture. Now when I’m on location for a shoot, I’ll pick up on a lot more opportunities for great shots.
  3. In addition to helping me pay attention to what opportunities are around me, the Instagram community has tons of super talented filmmakers and photographers. I continue to be inspired by their work, and am constantly getting new ideas on how to frame a shot! Instagram also gives me a place to share the images I take where people appreciate them and give feedback. Below are some links to some awesome photographers and filmmakers that I follow on Instagram.


People/companies that inspire me:


You can also follow the MWCFA on Instagram at @mwcfa, and me at @afilmmaker if you would so wish :)

So there you have it – the three ways Instagram is helping me be a better filmmaker. What have you found that helps you learn?

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