Win a Signed Beyond The Mask DVD!

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This week we’re super stoked to be giving away 3 signed copies of Beyond The Mask thanks to Burns Family Studios! Beyond the Mask tells a story of action, adventure, and romance in the riveting tale of British mercenary Will … Read More

What Makes a Great Film

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What makes a great film? Is it the dialogue? The mad epic lighting? Visual effects? Actors? In the age of social media and smartphones, billboards and blockbusters, art and storytelling have become more important than ever before. Everyone has the … Read More

Thinking Like an Entrepreneur: How To Start Your Own Business

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Filmmaking is basically a business whether you want to do it as a business or not. Even if you aren’t doing “corporate work” (or promotional media type stuff) you still need to deal with schedules, contracts, payments and all kinds … Read More

Behind The Scenes of the 2016 MWCFA Texas Trek

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1,340 miles. 2 vans. 10 days. 11 people. Let’s just say, we all had an awesome time!   For those of you who don’t know, the “Texas Trek” is a carpool/lodging group we put together for people attending the 2016 … Read More

Profile of a Casting Director

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Casting Director (CD) PROFILE 1) Responsibilities – Key duties to fulfillCommunicate and collaborate with production (director/producers) to guide the casting process from start to finish: prepare casting breakdown, promote casting call to desired venues, process talent submissions, conduct and grade … Read More

The 2016 CWVFF Tweet Roundup

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Continuing in the tradition we started last year, I spent time assembling some of the best tweets from this year’s Christian Worldview Film Festival! If you’re like me, it’s not always easy to keep up with them all during the event itself (Or … Read More

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