Behind-The-Scenes of the 2016 Student Film

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The Finished Commercial:   Every year at the Academy, our goal is to help our students learn how to make films, and specifically, how to make films for clients. What better way to teach that than to actually do it? … Read More

The 2016 MWCFA Student Film

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At the academy we really want to focus on helping the students to get practical, real-life experience with film production. As a part of that, we give the students a challenge to create their own commercial from scratch! This year … Read More

The 2016 Academy Recap

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Our academy this year just flew by! It was a week full of teaching, learning, creating, teamwork, challenges, and great memories. We started off the week Sunday evening with getting to know each other, and Andrew talked about priorities and … Read More

2016 Academy Update

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It’s hard to believe our third annual academy is coming up in less than two weeks! As you can imagine, things are quite hectic as we prepare for our students and creating two promotional films. So we will be taking … Read More

Win a Signed Beyond The Mask DVD!

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This week we’re super stoked to be giving away 3 signed copies of Beyond The Mask thanks to Burns Family Studios! Beyond the Mask tells a story of action, adventure, and romance in the riveting tale of British mercenary Will … Read More

What Makes a Great Film

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What makes a great film? Is it the dialogue? The mad epic lighting? Visual effects? Actors? In the age of social media and smartphones, billboards and blockbusters, art and storytelling have become more important than ever before. Everyone has the … Read More

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