My (Unplanned) Directorial Debut – Part 1

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Directing is glamorous. Directing is a huge responsibility. Directing can be a rush. Directing can be a nightmare. And directing a film is not something I intended to do. But I am so grateful that the opportunity was thrust upon … Read More

It’s About Value, Not Price – Being a Boutique Business

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If you’re just starting out and don’t have any experience or portfolio, then doing work for free or for cost is a great way to start. But, as you continue to learn and grow you need to start competing on … Read More

5 Important Lessons I learned as a First-Time Assistant Director

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Schedules, call sheets, logistics, phone calls, locations, transportation – you name it. The Assistant Director position is full of challenges, but it can also be a really rewarding job. In June of this year I had the opportunity to work … Read More

Announcing The 2017 Academy Dates!

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Announcing . . . the OFFICIAL dates for the 2017 Academy!! This year we’re also excited to announce a brand new location in Park Rapids, MN (less than an hour away from our previous location). It’s been amazing to see … Read More

Cameras, Trucks & Drones: Behind-The-Scenes of the 2016 Academy Film

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What could be more exciting than hanging out with a bunch of awesome, creative people? Working WITH those awesome people on a project that has big trucks, an amazing set of gear, and several drones at beautiful locations!   This … Read More

The 2016 MWCFA Official Production

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*drumroll* Announcing . . . the release of the 2016 Academy Official Production! We were honored to work with Foltz Trucking Inc this year. They were so gracious, service-orientated, professional, and great at what they do!   We are so … Read More

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