Learning, Networking, and Teamwork – My Practical Take on the 2017 CWVFF (Part 2)

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Monday morning started bright and early, with excitement in the air as the 4th annual CWVFF began! After hearing an opening keynote from Philip Telfer (founder of MediaTalk 101 and the CWVFF), the workshop teachers each gave their pitch for … Read More

Filmmaking, Failure, and Hope for the Future – My personal take on the 2017 CWVFF (Part 1)

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It’s hard to believe another year at the Christian Worldview Film Festival has come and gone. It’s a highlight of the year for so many of us, and gives that boost of encouragement we need, not only as filmmakers but … Read More

5 Key Lessons for Successfully Pursuing your Dream as a Filmmaker

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Last week we had the opportunity to speak at the North Dakota Home School Association’s convention and give two workshops on film and photography. It’s always great being able to talk about something I’m passionate about! In this session, I … Read More

4 Tips for Filming in Cold Climates

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The snow must go on. Certain climates can be really challenging to shoot a movie in.  While many films are shot in warmer climates, some live in areas where below-freezing temps are part of the norm… I am one of them.  As … Read More

4 Reasons Why Every Filmmaker Should Be Using Pinterest

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I used to be one of those people who thought Pinterest was just a place for foodies and artsy people to hang out and swap recipes. That is, until I started working with Carol Kiemle (our Production Designer), and she … Read More

My (Unplanned) Directorial Debut Part 2

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Welcome to Part 2 of Rebekah’s article on directing, and the last in her series on looking at crew profiles! It’s been a joy to have her on the blog – we really appreciate her taking the time to share … Read More

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