Profile of a Casting Director

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Casting Director (CD) PROFILE 1) Responsibilities – Key duties to fulfillCommunicate and collaborate with production (director/producers) to guide the casting process from start to finish: prepare casting breakdown, promote casting call to desired venues, process talent submissions, conduct and grade … Read More

The Craft of Continuity

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Script Supervisor PROFILE 1) Responsibilities – Key duties to fulfillDuring pre-production: Break down the script by elements (locations, props, script days, etc.) and measure scenes by eighths of a page. Create a continuity one-liner to track the passage of time … Read More

Profile of a 2nd AD

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2nd AD PROFILE 1) Responsibilities – Key duties to fulfill Assist the 1st AD (1st Assistant Director) with any duties they wish to delegate. Coordinate the efforts of the AD support team (PAs). Oversee the progress of the principal cast … Read More

Dear Casting Assistant . . .

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CASTING ASSISTANT PROFILE 1) Responsibilities – Key duties to fulfill Maintain a thorough, organized, and user-friendly casting database for storing and accessing talent submissions. Assist the casting director, director, producer, etc. with relevant tasks and deliverables before, during, and after casting sessions and … Read More