There’s a lot of aspiring Christian filmmakers who don’t know how to get started, or need a jump-start to get them on the road to filmmaking on a more full-time basis. Our mission is to provide the resources to help train people not to just be hobbyists, but serious filmmakers who intend to make a living at it, and who do it heartily as unto the Lord. Whether in the cooperate and commercial side, or in the narrative film world, we want to see a new generation of filmmakers who glorify God as experts in their craft. We unashamedly stand on the Word of God as the standard for faith and life, and we strive to be faithful in all that we do to the honor and glory of God.


Academy Team

We are a small team of filmmakers/business people wanting to make a difference for others like us. We’re excited help connect you with professional filmmakers who train you (and us) to be better filmmakers who glorify God in all that we do.


Andrew Bartlett


Andrew Bartlett is the Creative Director of Bartlett Productions, a small media company based out of North Dakota. Displaying a passion for serving Christ through the visual arts and storytelling with excellence, Andrew works on films and produces marketing materials … Read More

Hannah Kenney

Assistant Director

Hannah Kenney is assistant director and co-founder of the academy, and enjoys working with people. She likes to exercise both the right and left side of her brain by running the scheduling and communications, but also doing behind-the-scenes camera work … Read More

Lori Kenney

Logistics Coordinator

Lori Kenney resides with her husband and children in west central MN, and in her “spare time” she loves planning and organizing events. Lori is also one of the co-founders of the academy, and keeps all the on-site logistics and … Read More

Courtney Gilbert

Sponsor Coordinator

Courtney Gilbert hails from central Kentucky, and holds a degree in communications from Louisiana Baptist University. She attended the 2015 Academy as a student, and is excited to be on board to help propel forward the vision of the MWCFA … Read More


Academy Teachers

John-Clay & Sarah Burnett

Academy Teacher

A veteran of video production for over a decade, John-Clay Burnett is the founder of ReelCast Productions, an award-winning media company committed to presenting truth through high-quality visual media! Over the years, he has been significantly involved with a number … Read More

Alex & Amelia Lerma

Director of Photography + 1st AC

Alex and his wife Amelia own and operate a production company based in Austin, TX. Alex has freelanced on shoots for Dell, The Retro Report, Sony Tracks, The White House Blog, Huffington Post, U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, and many … Read More

Carol Green Kiemle

Production Designer/Art Director

Carol Green Kiemle has a BFA in Theater and a Minor in Dance from Eastern Mexico University. While she was in college, she worked in the tech theater department building and designing sets and costumes. She has experience on many … Read More

Joseph Santoyo

Location Sound/Sound Designer

Joseph Santoyo is a freelance Audio Production and Post engineer, and has worked on films such as Beyond The Mask, Polycarp, Wanted and Roses. His passion is to provide visual media with both a professional and compelling soundtrack, that captivates the … Read More